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Anxiety and why mental illness is truly dangerous

"în Diverse" "de POV21"

From the outside it’s easy to think that somebody has got it all figured out. Because my hair is curled and my cheeks are intentionally flushed – I must not have a care in the world. As if it were expected from my demons to be worn like a scarlet letter pinned to my chest –…

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Jeanette Winterson – Understanding gender literature

"în În engleză/Texte" "de POV21"
Jeanette Winterson

I am a graduate of a university which is considered to be old-fashioned and not as useful as many other specialties in our modern days. Among the many questions I was asked during my time as a student was “Why is (insert literature/linguistic subject/author) useful?” . Let’s take Jeanette Winterson and gender literature as examples.…

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Toni Morrison – Afro-American literature at its finest!

"în În engleză" "de POV21"
Toni Morrison

The late American author, Toni Morrison, made a name for herself in the literary world. She attained this by creating impressive and rounded characters. Yet, most importantly her choice of subject were many of the issues often associated with ‘black’ culture. Her novels are supposed to be read knowing a specific slang that is far…

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