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Teaching Literature, a talk with Dr. Adrian Radu

"în De citit/International" "de POV21"
Teaching literature

I am both a writer of fantasy and a student of English Language and Literature. I have often wondered and been asked if we have any impact in the world. Indeed, with all the technological advancements of the world, literature and fine arts have lost their honorable place in society. But today, I am there…

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Why does social media make me want to gouge my eyes out?

"în Diverse" "de POV21"

No, I don’t live under a rock, but I’d rather watch a 5-hour long documentary on exploding whales than spend my time on Facebook or Instagram. So why does social media make me want to gouge my eyes out? Why? Because not only you waste your time scrolling through useless posts, but you also get…

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Festivalul Amifran – interviu exclusiv cu părintele teatrului francofon

"în De citit/De POVeste" "de POV21"

Cine spune că „einsteinii” sunt doar geniile în știință se înșală! Nu, nu aberăm și nici nu ne povestim visul de azi-noapte. Am avut ocazia să-l întâlnim pe Einsteinul artei teatrale. Și nu, nu am descoperit mașina timpului (deși ne-ar plăcea), ci am participat alături de colegii noștri din Trupa de teatru „Corint” la Amifran.…

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POV21 goes international!

"în International" "de POV21"
POV21 goes international!

Io, and behold, for POV21 goes international! We are finally able to provide the points of view of those born in the 21st century. And we can deliver them straight into your news feed. We are thus creating our very first internationally oriented column. Its aim is to allow you, fellow reader to gain insight.…

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