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Jeanette Winterson – Understanding gender literature

"în În engleză/Texte" "de POV21"
Jeanette Winterson

I am a graduate of a university which is considered to be old-fashioned and not as useful as many other specialties in our modern days. Among the many questions I was asked during my time as a student was “Why is (insert literature/linguistic subject/author) useful?” . Let’s take Jeanette Winterson and gender literature as examples.…

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Humanity, it is time to grow up!

"în În engleză" "de POV21"

You know… in everyone’s life comes a moment when you realize that your values are not exactly driving you to happiness or emotional fulfillment; a moment when you decide that something needs to change or needs to be eliminated from your mentality. This century is the entire humanity ’s time to grow up. We are…

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