Do you know what pisses me off the most? It’s that not even women themselves stand up for each other. They just accept the fact that they are treated like this.

What do I mean? Well… the whistling, the gossiping, the intimidation, the threatening, the catcalling, the touching, the hurting. All these are things made by men that many girls have to endure. Why is it happening and why is it such a taboo subject? Nobody seems to care, not even girls themselves. They just let it all happen as they should be used to it. Now let’s talk about catcallers. 

Well, I don’t wanna get used to it. I don’t wanna continue living my life being scared… Scared that in any moment a boy could appear in front of me while I walk home, scared of the boy that stops his car next to me and keeps telling me to let him take me for a ride, scared that the boy who whistles at me from over the road and asks for my number could cross the street anytime and come to me…and I don’t wanna know what happens next.

I don’t wanna think about it.

This thought shouldn’t even pop up into my mind because this is something that shouldn’t ever happen to a girl. This is not normal, and yet, it happens so damn often. These are stories my friends told me, and I asked them “What did you do at that moment? How could it happen to you?” and they answered by saying “That’s fine, I just shouldn’t have walked alone. Or it might have happened because of what I was wearing”. Actually, you should. You should be able to walk alone anytime you want. You should be able to wear a low-cut neck shirt without being aggressed by men.

When will y’all understand that this is not a healthy behaviour? Stop pretending it’s normal…because it certainly isn’t.

Autor: Adriana Ștefan