Sex can save lives
Sex can save lives
Sex workers – aka females who work in the sex industry, such as prostitution, video chat, striptease, selling their nudes and so on.

I, for one, have a lot of beautiful females in my facebook friends list that are practicing this type of job. So… Sex can save lives. Not yours, but… 

They are gorgeous creatures, with a good soul, a healthy mindset and no interest in hurting others.

But the thing that annoys me the most, is that they are getting treated with a lot of disrespect and hatred, even by those who are buying their content… or contacting them for sex – in exchange of money, of course.

Slut-shaming has become so cool and commune nowadays.

”Oh, you are doing that? Slut!”, ”Oh, your skirt is too short, you are such a hoe!”,” I can see your nipples through that shirt, gross!”, ”How can you be selling pictures of yourself naked?! Don’t you have some self-respect?!” and the chain is so much longer.

How can you still have that mindset?

How can you still judge people for doing their own things, when they are not hurting anyone? How can you still be putting other females down, for the fact that they are taking control of their bodies and take advantage of what they had been given?
I’ve always been supportive with these girls because I know what they’ve been put through. Sex can save lives. 

Most of them are working into the sex industry because they can’t have a real job, or the money isn’t enough.

Ok, I get it, perhaps you haven’t talked to one and you are not aware of their problems. Or maybe some are just too proud of their body and they choose to share it with others, but it’s not your business to judge and be disrespectful!
Have you ever had a chat with a female that’s a sex worker? Let me tell you then, how supportive, nice and such good listeners they are!
They are taking care of their mental health, trying to be the best version of them everyday, trying to be confident and have good hygiene, and then YOU, the last Karen on Earth, are coming and throwing mud on their heads and hearts because of what? Because you think it’s disrespectful and ”eww”? No, let me tell you what’s disrespectful and eww. The fact that you have the audacity to come at them, call them whores, body shame them and lower their self esteem based on the fact that you think it’s wrong.

For example, I read an article yesterday, about a Instagrammer sex worker that raised $500.000 for Australian Bushfires, just by selling her nude photos for 10$.

I haven’t helped, and neither did you. So let’s stop throwing shame. Let’s respect them and their habits. Let’s recognize their power and good intentions. Let’s give them a big thumbs up for the things they do for them, for society or nature. There is no point of acting evil.
We, as women, should support each other. No matter the job or profession we have. One can work at Walmart, the other one can have her own business and the third one can be a sex worker. We should stop slut and body shaming. We shall raise as human beings and be more open minded.

Money is money. Intelligence is intelligence. Self confidence is self confidence. Self respect! Is self respect. And a woman’s body is her own business.

As long as someone doesn’t hurt anyone with their actions, they should be left in peace.
Stop acting like some maiden just because your legs are close or your dress can touch your knees. You are no saint as long as you are hurting others, when they are minding their own life.

Autor: Moisei Larisa