The only good version of yourself is this one. Not the Instagram one.

Let me introduce you to a little fun ride called insecurity. We are bombarded by Instagram models, weight losing teas, pills, even mouth water that apparently is supposed to make you lose weight. On top of all that there is this little devil, called Photoshop and his cousin, Facetune.

Now those two little fellows WILL make sure that after about 200 selfies you still wonder why you don’t look like all those Instagram girls, those fashion models. Something that REALLY annoys me about those kind of articles, like mine, where they talk about how social media brainwashed us into thinking we are all flawed, is that

They never mention MEN.

That’s right. Our fellow humanoid companions of the male sex suffer from this phenomenon as well. I mean, have you ever seen a guy anywhere that’s not tall and ripped to shreds in social media?

The answer is not. Meanwhile, on the female side, some brands are trying to fight off this whole stigma. There are a hand full of shops that include plus size women and promote them, many of them even ending up on the cover of VOGUE.
But what about men?
Are they any less than women, don’t they deserve the same inclusivity as us? They sure do. I really dread how

Everything that refers to body expectations, beauty, looks

It’s all so centered around women. I think it’s pretty toxic how men seem to be excluded out of the narrative. Men get stretch marks just like women. Men get fat, they lose weight, they can’t find their right sizes either. Men get pimples, have dry skin. Why aren’t we offering men face creams, hand creams,moisturizer, face masks etc?

Because men are seen as tough. And why we associate toughness with the lack of inclusivity and shame for men, for being anything but tough, is beyond me. God forbids men to take care of themselves without being shamed for it.
It’s not just self care. It’s everything.

Let women and men enjoy their imperfections.

Let women stop buying shape wear to compress their stomachs so tight they want to faint. Let men enjoy fashion and not buy the same black hoodie over and over just because they’re overweight.

There is a very big difference between having fat rolls because you are human. And being dangerously overweight where you can suffer from heart diseases. While I will never promote dangerous obesity in any form, I will promote HEALTHY, REALISTIC standards for both of the sexes. Not the Instagram ones. By realistic I mean that if you’re overweight and you’re not at the risk of potentially dying,

You’re just fine in my book.

If you want to change yourself. Do it for the grind, for the road ahead of you. Don’t do it for the looks. Do it as a lifestyle. Not a craze to lose weight.

So my fellow knights and maidens, enjoy your fat rolls, your image in the mirror. Stop sucking up when you’re taking a picture. Don’t alter your appearance. Be honest with yourself. If the only thing that’s wrong with you is some fat rolls, a double chin and pimples. You’re pretty good, pal.

The only good version of yourself is this one.

Autor: Irina Zabarcenco