creed of deceit
creed of deceit

Instructed, we are born in this Creed of Deceit
Thrown in the chains of pain, slaves we grow
That’s why we cry and kick with our feet
As we have to serve a greed that’s infinite.

Humanity can you ever get low?
When everything’s lost…
How can you say that you own anything?
How can one say the truth they can find?

Why let yourself to anything bind?
Searching for truth, believing in lies
Consumerism cages the eye of your mind
Why deceive self and not think for a moment
That material passes, and your body you rent?
For the ephemeral life that you then build on lies.

When everything belongs to Eternal…
And everything is part of the Whole
How can you say you’ve lost anything?
When nothingness is all you have
Believe not? Deceit you live.

Cast in this world we learn what is cost
But what we don’t is that this “whole”…
Is ephemeral
And so “thrive” means “pass them all”
But this belief is just so foul.

Purpose? What is it in life?
It’s just another useless strife
That each one make up in their mind
Believing in something to find
And for worse, they do not quell
Their wrecked wishes that bring others hell
Neglecting others to become well.

And so covered by Death’s wing
We just face the great Returning
Remember the origins from where everything came
Stardust from the brightest flame.

You have lived your Creed of Deceit
And have died a life incomplete.

Autor: Bencze Robert-Valentin