I’m not saying that this year’s YouTube Rewind is worse than the last one. On the contrary, it’s actually better, but it’s just boring.

Let’s cut to the chase, talking about 2018’s YouTube Rewind, it was just bad. It was cringy, out of place and it represented everything BUT the YouTube community at that time. Shortly after releasing it, YouTube was in a tight spot  with everyone on the platform complaining about the fact that they care about the advertisers and companies on said platform more that they care about its content creators. The backlash was huge. Everybody at the time was talking about it. The official post on YouTube’s “Spotlight” channel, with over 17 million dislikes, became the most disliked video on YouTube.

The only good part of that entire video was the part where Will Smith became the Meme of the year. His oh so famous words  were “Y’all, it’s rewind time”, which became a widely used meme template. That could be noticed even now, the end of 2019, from time to time.

Well, after that massive fail you would think that they have learned their lesson, didn’t they?
Sadly, they did, but not in a good way. I was looking deeper into the topic. After a bit of research I’ve come to the conclusion that everybody thinks that this year’s YouTube Rewind is just a glorified Top 10 video. The video was compared to an effortless WatchMojo.com video that even said WatchMojo creator mocked by creating a better version along with another “Top 10 youtubers”.

But, was the video bad?
No, it wasn’t, in fact it was actually pretty good. Not really, it was just “better” than the last one. Many have complained about it being boring, saying that it feels like “another video created by YouTube just for the views”.

But also, why are we complaining? We got something. And something actually watchable, didn’t we?

Well yes, but actually no. While not bad, the video shows no effort, making it not worthy of the “YouTube Rewind” name that 2015’s and 2016’s Rewind deserved. In short, 2019’s Rewind doesn’t deserve to stand on the same ground as 2015’s or 2016’s ones that actually implied a lot of work from the creators and from YouTube.  Which were genuinely fun to watch and really enjoyable.

In my opinion, since 2016’s YouTube Rewind, the quality of the “Rewinds” decreased drastically. If not the quality of the video, the inclusion of Enes Batur, the YouTube star from Turkey, the creator that claimed copyright strikes against a ton of other creators with no real reason, made the video totally impossible to enjoy.

Autor: Dos Marius