You know… once in a blue moon you meet a certain someone that sparks a very profound feeling of affection in your heart. It is a special kind of love; one that transcends ethic and moral boundaries.

I am sure you know the feeling. Their presence keeps you up at night. Their smell drives you feral and their smile can haunt you for years.

This sort of love is unique in each of our lives.

However, there is one more, less cliche perspective. There is yet another special kind of love – the rational one. You’re no longer feral, you’re safe, you’re appreciated, you feel that your lover knows true value and you are extraordinarily well respected. You don’t even question the feasibility of your intention – you just know you’re right.

But what happens if you feel both kinds of love for different people and want both? Whoopsie…

You should never feel guilty for loving someone

Sure, you can give me a thousand reasons why two people cannot be together, ranging from distance, mentality and values, to literally being someone else’s. Thus sparks the question?

Is it wrong to want to be with someone you love?

I obviously think that it is not. Yet people think that not being able to be fully live just for one person is a sign of weakness. And I tend to disagree.

Why? Because only you actually know what is inside you. Only you know what you feel for that peculiar somebody!

There is no reason to force yourself to fit in a “Procrustean Bed” of outdated standards imposed by a dismaying religion system that also, ironically, enjoy is to murder others.

We condemn love and encourage murder

Not necessarily you or I, but the society as a whole. We find killing far more tolerable than a person switching their love interest apparently suddenly.

Yeah, I say apparently, because these moves are most of the time extraordinarily deeply analyzed before the decision is made. Thus, if you cannot see it coming, you’re certainly blinded by your own ambitions.

And that is not bad

It took me long years until I realized that I am not entitled to anything, especially love. Just like a science, loving healthily is something learned in time. Possessiveness is healthy, in a way, but it needs to be highly controlled as it should never overstep your partner’s boundaries. And so on so forth.

Loving healthily is a learned skill

And that is simply a fact. Love is meant to facilitate the growth of both partners, not to be a burden that eats away at one of them.

This is why rational love is so much better. You can control yourself much better, even if at times it feels that it lacks purity and innocence. You close your eyes knowing that all your filthy little secrets and kinks are actually embraced and understood by a different person who wishes to even share them.

If that ain’t magic, I got no fucking idea what is!

And even more so, maybe you prefer the butterflies of the explosive, childish kind of love. I know I personally do. But the thought of being together with someone that you don’t accept anyway, and love them for what they actually ARE, instead of your idealized view of them… it can haunt you and definitely push your loyalty’s limits.

But if you do crack, know one thing:

You’re not inferior to anyone for choosing what you think that makes you happy.

Love like there is no tomorrow, because hey… you never know.