You needed me, you didn’t love me

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You needed the arms that held your head when your thoughts were crashing it, you needed the eyes that looked at you when no one else’s did, you needed the lips that kissed your pain away when it was killing you. You needed a soul to care for you and look after you. You needed a body to clean and cook for you, because you were too depressed to do it yourself.

You didn’t love the way I was caressing you. You didn’t love the way I worshiped you. You didn’t love me the way I loved you.

You didn’t love the way I waited in a train station 7 hours just to see you. You didn’t love the way I wept every damn time because I was worried about you. You didn’t love the pancakes I made for you while you were chilling with the boys, and you didn’t even love the pancakes, because they had too much chocolate. You didn’t love the way my eyes had a little damn sparkle in them every time they saw you.

You needed a season ticket to my soul, so it would care for you screwed ass.

So when the subscription ended, you threw me away. You threw my love away, along with all the memories we had. You didn’t care about the war that had begun in my chest that very moment. You didn’t care about the tears that my heart would drop. But you started being good on your own, so you needn’t my help anymore.

Now, I froze. My whole body is a statuette covered in ice, and my heart is on fire, melting it. But boy doesn’t it hurt as hell.

Now I need you. I need your help, I need your arms, I need your warm tears on me, I need your lips to kiss my pain away. But you are not here. And I am slowly going down. But you’re rising, and rising, and rising… without me.

Autor: Larisa Moisei

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