No, I don’t live under a rock, but I’d rather watch a 5-hour long documentary on exploding whales than spend my time on Facebook or Instagram. So why does social media make me want to gouge my eyes out?

Why? Because not only you waste your time scrolling through useless posts, but you also get frustrated at people’s ignorance and hypocrisy – and this doesn’t sound like a good deal at all.


To begin with, social media was created to strengthen the relationships between people. Paradoxically, it just does the opposite. I have seen so many cases when the overly-attached girlfriend went ballistic after her boyfriend liked another girl’s picture, or worse, commented on her post. Not to mention that, if he tags her in a funny video, we have a war incoming!

Just because you can post it, doesn’t mean you should actually do it

This is a piece of advice I would like you to consider, so you won’t end up embarrassing yourself online. The reason why I’m saying this is because many people don’t seem to know the difference between their diary and their account. Believe me, it is never a good idea to flood an entire platform with pictures of your fresh food on a plate. Nor is it to post pictures inside a store’s dressing room, wearing expensive clothes that you’ll probably never buy. This is just painfully foolish.


If you wish to see something faker than 5$ Gucci T-Shirts, then you should check one’s birthday messages on his Facebook wall.


So much enthusiasm, so many cheers, oh God bless those Facebook birthday notifications!


Next time, you should turn them off. Then you’ll see who truly remembered about you… If only your wall doesn’t turn as empty as the Sahara Desert.

I may be wrong, but I think people enjoy wasting their time on social media because there they can escape from the cruel reality and create their perfect life. Let’s be honest, have you ever seen someone posting about his failures? Or showing the world a picture of his worst angle? The answer is most probably NO.


How clumsy, we, humans, are – trying to dissimulate ourselves, without realizing we are all in the same boat.


Moreover, social media measures one’s value on the number of likes, comments, and shares he gets. Do I need to mention how tired I am of hearing my friends complaining about why they didn’t get enough likes on a recently made post, or even worse, begging me to log in and like their profile picture? My question is: why does it matter so much? “Likes” are irrelevant and don’t measure quality. Someone may press that button out of common sense, or because it is reciprocal – just like a convention: you appreciate my post, I’ll appreciate yours.


Last but not least, social media is overflowed with shady people of questionable morals.


Creating a fake account is a piece of cake. Sweet Mary, you fell in love with online might turn out to be your neighbor Bob, who just wanted to pull a prank on you – in the best case. But who cares who you add on your friend list, as long as you fill it? Quantity over quality! Remember?

Look how yet another invention designed to ease our lives has mostly done the opposite. And who is to blame? No one, but us. Instead of using social media for amusement, school and work purposes, or to keep in touch with old friends, here we are, making a battlefield out of it, in the war of hypocrisy.


And the worst thing is: there is nothing to win.

Autor: Laura Cîmpeanu