Top 10 school survival tips
Top 10 school survival tips

After 12 years of being a student, I am entirely entitled to say that school is anything but easy. I couldn’t count how many times school made me wish I were a lonely shepherd, living on a mountaintop. However, despite being on the verge of a mental breakdown almost every day I came home from school, I didn’t allow myself to give up. Somehow, I managed to learn a few things that would ease my student life and now it’s my time to share them with you. You have the opportunity to learn from my experience, so you won’t face foolish situations yourself – the choice is up to you. Here’s my Top 10 school survival tips everyone should know about!

1. Be nice to everyone, but only trust a few or none

Does it cost something to say a lovely word or to act polite? I doubt it. I know you may be going through a hard time, but being petty with those around you would only spread negativity and won’t solve your problems. Besides, you already have so much going on in your life and I suppose you don’t need a bunch of enemies who will try to jeopardize you. Yet, you shouldn’t fall into the other extreme. Don’t be a silly goose, who dances to everyone’s tune. Learn how to think. Analyze what you are told and remember: things come in all shapes and forms, so always question someone’s intention before you act.

2. Do not tell your secrets to anyone

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a caveman. Of course, you don’t have to isolate yourself from everyone in your school. Friends should be a part of your life too and most of them are made while we’re in school. Though, there is one thing I would like you to remember and reflect upon after you will have finished reading this article:

Once you tell a secret to someone, it is not a secret anymore.

Sharing your deepest secrets is a huge risk and unfortunately, memory-erasing machines don’t exist. So think twice before you do it!

(The fact that I am sharing this Top 10 school survival tips list with you does not count)

3. First impression counts

The first impression you make on someone – even if we talk about teachers or other classmates – will put an etiquette on you that would be extremely hard to remove. Thus, if you don’t want to be misunderstood by others, you should try to act as natural as you can. Be yourself from the start, so you don’t have to pretend you’re someone else during your whole journey – it will only make you tired…


“Oh, how would I like to lay on the shore and leave myself embraced by the warm breeze while hearing the waves’ mystic melody…”. Yeah, it sounds nice, but do you want to know what sounds even better? Not getting an F because you were daydreaming in class! How would you feel if you missed several points on an extremely important test, just because you were lost in your world? It would be such a pity! Besides, paying attention during classes helps you understand the lesson easier and even memorize parts of it. Just like that, the amount of time you spend at home, learning, will be significantly reduced.

5. If you don’t understand something, just ask

Don’t be ashamed to ask for explanations when you want to make something clear. You are in school for a purpose: to learn. If you already knew those things, you wouldn’t be there. And if someone laughs at you just because you asked for clarifications, then that person has just made a clown out of himself.

6. Try to sleep at least 7 hours during the night

Lack of sleep is detrimental to your mental and physical health. Neglecting to maintain a proper sleep schedule only decreases your intellectual performances. Plus, you will look like a raccoon. By the way, it is scientifically proved that information is better stored in our brains during our sleep. So why not go to sleep earlier?

7. Organize your time

It is essential to know how to prioritize your precious, but limited time. How much time do you allocate for learning? What should you do first? How long would it take? You should ask yourself these questions before you go on duty. And if you can’t keep up with the fuss, why not make an agenda?

8. Don’t forget to relax when you feel overwhelmed

Doing good in school is important, but your health is even more precious. Do not forget to make time for yourself: read a book, listen to music, watch a movie, take a walk, do anything which would charge your batteries. You gave your best at school and it’s time to treat yourself. You deserve it!

9. Write that down!

Has your teacher just told you something important that you mustn’t forget? I’m pretty sure you’ll say to yourself “I don’t need to write that down, I’ll remember it!”. Well, my dear friend, this is one of the greatest lies you could tell to yourself. Leave the coziness aside, open that notebook and write down what was said to you. You’ll thank me later.

10. Grades aren’t worth dying for

Yeah, you heard me right. Grades are subjective and they don’t reflect your true potential and intelligence. They are influenced by your state at a certain time and under specific circumstances. One thing I utterly despise at school is that it doesn’t encourage students to learn for themselves, to develop their personality and to evolve as individuals. What school does instead is to create a harsh competition between students, who are sometimes encouraged by their parents to enter a “battle of grades”. Therefore, you shouldn’t get demoralized just because you got a C on a pop-quiz. You are more than a symbol drawn on a paper.


What about you? Did you like our Top 10 school survival tips? Leave a comment below and tell us if you have any other tips on how to “survive” in school?

Author: Laura Cîmpeanu