Cherry blossom on your lips that used to taste like wine,

I moved closer to your cheek to feel your soul near mine.

My finger’s drawing on your palm a shell that we shall use

To hide away from everything that one day we could lose.

I am no good, as you may tell, neither the Devil within Hell,

You know it all, but even so, little do you seem to care.

It is forbidden for a soul to fall in love the way I did,

I could die to have the chance to feel you for a little bit.

You are too pure for such a world where nothing could be right,

You are too good for such a place, where you can’t ever light.

I made a promise to myself, I will not ever break,

I’m gonna set the world on fire, you only have to ask.

— You know I am the Sin itself

Are you not afraid of Death?

—My love, I am the only Sinner able to take a bite

Out of your cherry blossom lips that blight.

Author: Luminița Constantin
Foto: Morariu Lorena