The morning has come
above this little mountain,
and has spread its glowing light
all over the forest…

Two little blue lakes
smile as they see
the sun showing up
at their low shore…
And they share glowing greetings,
just like every day…

A deep, mysterious cave
lets out its warm springs
and some strange creatures
that we can hear, but we
can’t see

With each day that the sun comes over,
the mountain grows bigger,
it expands in ranges
of unusual, structured shapes

The forest on its oval top
seems brighter and denser..
it could not get used
to the other ranges…

“I adore this little mountain,
I watch it grow, day after day,
and I hope it will keep
its joy and peace
for ever”,
said the big hill,
who lives next to the mountain
and that has turned, in time,
in a pile of stones….