The Devil, I tried to strike a deal with the devil
I tried to strike a deal with the Devil

I would have given him my soul so he could take away the love I feel for you. But it was too late.

Nothing and no one could steal it from you, not even the fires of Hell could break our hearts. The hearts that you caged, without mercy or second thought.

You damn fool!

I can feel you thinking about me whenever his empty stare meets my eyes, trying to reach for a heart that belongs to you. Whenever someone tries to get closer to me, you come in like an enchanted sword, defending what is yours; what you take for granted whenever it is not in danger of being set free from your restraints.

I gave him a paper heart, hoping that it would last until the rain comes, he gave it a shelter but your fire burns everything in its path, leaving nothing but ashes…

Whenever he touches me, my skin burns, the thorns come out making me bleed instantly.

Everything I can hear, see or smell… is you.

Your sweet scent invades my body, slams me into the wall and strikes me with thunderous pain until I am down on my knees, paralyzed. It drains me of my life-force, but, still, it keeps me alive just to hit me again. And again. And again…

I am not willing to fight anymore. Next time you yell at me, telling me how much you hate our love, I will kiss your lips, putting light in that place of darkness.

I will put that kiss in a bottle and throw it in the middle of the ocean. The saltwater will clean our love from ego, from frustration and from sadness.

We will be free!

We will be ready to put our love on a star, and watch it everytime we are apart and  miss each other. Its light will shine on our souls whenever we forget that this love sets us free and gives us meaning.

Come here and fight with me!

I am ready, strong enough to set us free...

Written by Cristina Goldiș