We stand together

IPJ BN is now one of the partner behind the international project  called Erasmus +: STAND UP! SPEAK OUT! It was implemented by the “Mihai Eminescu” secondary school. During the event, on the date of 9th of April, the educational institution from Nasaud had  teenagers from Letonia, Spain and Italy as guests during a course on the subject of bullying in school.

The course was held in English, courtesy of the specialist officer in prevention of criminal activity from IPJ: scms Schreiner M. .Bontas Gina, representative of the non governmental organisation POV 21 and, respectively the volunteers Deac Alexandra and Scridon Leon were the officer’s assisstants.

The chosen approach was a playful one, in accordance with the theme “From gaming to learning”. For starters, the term of “bullying” was professionally explained, detailing the manners of manifestation and the punishments for such actions and how important witnesses are in the fight against bullying.

Mrs. officer together with the volunteers have simulated two situations in which bullying was the main focus:

In the first one the bully verbally abuses the victim, which, in turn, begins to feel humiliated. In the second case , the victim knew how to approach the situation, thus not only was the victim not bothered by the bully, but they backed down, defeated.

During this activity, the teenagers were asked to interact with the speaker in order to simulate a bullying situation. This process generated controversy and humiliated the chosen victim, but soon situations which made the bully lose his desire for superiority were presented, and were explained. The victim knew how to react correctly in those situations and, by being positive and neutral at the bully’s insults, managed to kill his interest.

Another illustration was made using two Coca-Cola cans: one full and one empty.

The difference was then interpreted: “The empty one, when hit will ring out and make far more noise than the full one, which will be deadened by the liquid inside.  Thus, she concluded, an emotionally intelligent person will always talk less than a person who has low emotional intelligence”.

These scenarios were illustrating a couple of ways in which you can act if somebody is bullying you, showing what you must and must not do when you are in a similar environment.

The world famous arctic marathon runner Tibi Useriu made a special moment for this meeting. He told everyone that, during his youth he was both a bully and a bullied person at the same time. This is why he maintains his enduring support for the fight against bullying in schools and encourages witnesses to take attitude.

Also during the project, an international academic conference was organized.

The police representatives had planned a presentation in partnership with the representatives of ISJ BN, CCD, the county council of Bistrita-Nasaud, “Babes-Bolyai” University from Cluj, the “Didactic and Pedagogic” printing company from Bucharest and other partner schools involved in project.


Overall, it was a real pleasure for the spectators and the organizers who took this initiative and lead it to a resounding success. Everyone involved is waiting for more collaborations in which they intend to introduce and support education for teenagers in all European societies.