Have you ever tried to accept the feeling of being broken? Do you know that you can live with it? That it’s not a curse, but actually a blessing? I used to feel caged.

My heart was screaming from the pain, feeling like I was being stabbed with the sharpest blade, over and over again. My insides were a battlefield, my heart was covered in mud and blood, praying to God to have mercy on my soul.

“My intentions are good. My love is pure. Why? “He stood there watching me as the never ending rain of bullets wouldn’t stop waking me up from a fake reality. A transition. That’s what pain is.

The transition from the illusion you have created, to the reality of what the situation actually is. It doesn’t go away when you realize this, but it starts healing.

Your mind gets quiet.

Innocent flowers start to grow from the bullets that were once hurting you. You grow from the mud, like a lotus flower. You’re a front-line soldier who survived another war. Sometimes you may be a little bit tired from fighting; and the pain will be felt again, right there in your chest, the thorns of the beautiful roses that grew in your heart.

When you touch the memories that hurt you, the tears in your eyes start to flow to wash away the blood from your wounds. Enjoy the feeling. Be thankful for it! It helps you create, beautiful soul! It helps you write! It helps you feel… alive!

Let it run through your veins: the pain, the power; it will make you so powerful that nothing and no one will be able to shake you ever again! Let go of the illusion and hang in there, soldier!

Victory is yours! You are not broken…!

Written by: Cristina Goldiș



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