The ultimate desire of our society is to escape reality and find an ideal, surreal world where one can live freely, without any boundaries, not forced to be politically correct all the time.

This is an example of a chimerical universe. An example of a world which ignores the principles of morality and also, represents an unrealistic way to attain happiness.

What about an imaginary society, projected onto people’s minds where creativity and the thirst for knowledge have no limits… A world of souls, with no right or wrong, with no defined reality, nor absurdity, because creation doesn’t know anything but pureness and frailty?

Insanity is given by the inability to observe and love what lies beyond consciousness, which is a place where magic captivates human choices and lets them choose with their heart.

Rules in a society are just a formal act of controlling imagination, which on the one hand is a positive thing, yet on the other is an invasion of liberty, should we assess it in a philosophical way.

It has been demonstrated over the years that an ideal world cannot be created and it would only lead to a despotic society, where one’s individual evil governs over millions of people.

However, if we are to accept our moral limitations of living in an organized fellowship, we have the duty to express our revolt in art. We have the right NOT to be adequate. Experiencing life with integrity entails living it in an incorruptible way.


Written by: Mara Muntean


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