You know… in everyone’s life comes a moment when you realize that your values are not exactly driving you to happiness or emotional fulfillment; a moment when you decide that something needs to change or needs to be eliminated from your mentality. This century is the entire humanity ’s time to grow up.

We are in the year 2019. We have finally overcome slavery in most countries, the life expectancy has doubled, compared to what it was two hundred years ago. Yet, something is still missing. People live longer and better than they ever have and this trend is ascending, but we still are unhappy, depressed, in constant stress and pain. Why?

Why are we like this?

It is very easy to fall into a self-lying mechanism and tell ourselves that “this is human nature”. That is bullshit! The purest strain of bullshit! Humanity has come so far and overcame so many obstacles, such as settling down from a nomadic life, developing monarchy and democracy, surviving the scientifically murderous “Dark Ages”, reinventing itself during the Renaissance, evolving during the industrial revolution and being reborn after the two World Wars. We are not the strongest, neither the fastest, nor the most resilient species on the planet. We use gadgets, cars, devices, buildings, to protect our somewhat frail and fragile bodies from extreme weather or other dangers. We, however, are the most adaptable species out of them all. We managed to be above every other species through sheer willpower, however…

The same willpower is now turned against each other. It had always had, but it is becoming a serious issue at the moment. Each individual is now more connected and more powerful than ever. Humanity is interlaced with itself, each person theoretically being able to connect with any other person on the globe. And what do we do with this power?

We wipe our backsides with it!

We have enough energy and technology to teach everything to everyone whenever we want, but we have lost our ability to adapt. Instead of trying to teach others, we struggle to put others down in order to feed our egos. Instead of helping, we hurt and cause pain because we are tired and weary, but what if being nice might make others less sour and overall make you feel less miserable? It is widely known that people are quick to judge. This is a side effect of a hectic and stressful way of life, where our brains are constantly looking for shortcuts in order to be able to process information as fast as it is received. And we are literally bombarded with all sorts of information, but we are impatient. We are impertinent and we are selfish. Life in this century has become a wild goose chase, where, because of the immense pressure from society, false values and superficiality have become our only escape from reality. Our brains are in a constant “Fight or Flight” mode, which causes our decisions to be rash and worst of all, dictated by instincts.

Humanity evolved because humans were able to control their primal urges (to varying degree). This prompted us to develop psychologically so as to be able to satisfy these urges in a more elegant, more advantageous way. Today, if any of you feel that society is based on consumerism and not on any form of spiritual values, it is because our animal instincts have such a strong impact on our life that they basically rule us. How? Simple!

Money is the root of all evil, right?

Well, money also dictates whether we can satisfy our basic needs a.k.a primal urges: food, shelter, safety and reproduction. If one is poor, they are often also homeless, unemployed, lonely or live in constant stress in a “day-to-day” fashion. This is, possibly, the most horrendous issue of the 21st century. And we need to get on top of it.

Culture and education are the only solution to this global misery. If we want to overcome such difficulties, we need to realize and be able to hold onto the fact that we are more than just stomachs and genitals! Our brain should not be limited to assessing whether we eat today or not, but also how we can grow and improve as members of a putrid society that needs a total rebirth. We need to rediscover the beauty of reading, learning, studying and simply exploring the world. We need to stop being afraid of the unknown, especially because there is so little left undiscovered. We need to remember that love is the only cure for fear.

We need to change, and this change is within ourselves. Each of us is a driving force on its own. If we finally educate ourselves enough to be able to put aside our differences… not even the sky will be the limit.

So, grow up, little humanity!