POV21 goes international!

POV21 goes international!

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Io, and behold, for POV21 goes international! We are finally able to provide the points of view of those born in the 21st century. And we can deliver them straight into your news feed. We are thus creating our very first internationally oriented column. Its aim is to allow you, fellow reader to gain insight. Where, perhaps you ask? Into the thoughts, desires, opinions and attitudes of teenagers and young adults. We try to provide only the best, most pertinent and most well documented points of view we can find and YOU can help.

If you want to make your voice heard and get your message across the world, feel free to inbox us at [email protected]

Send us your thoughts in a neatly ordered and grammatically correct text. The subjects you can attack are as many as stars in the night’s sky, but we do have a few rules: we do not accept any forms of racism or xenophobia (because that’s soooo 20th century); and neither do we accept slang words or any form of hate speech. If we approve and publish your text, congratulations, thousands will read you, if not, we will make sure to provide some healthy critique, so you can improve and maybe send us something different or perfected. Your only duty is to share your own stuff and also share other writers’ articles if you enjoy reading them.

You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. We hope to collaborate with you without any incidents and we wish all of you the best in all your endeavors. Remember: POV21 is all about mutual support and freedom of speech!

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